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The Mysteries of Reverend Dean gives you six stories and six chances: Can you explain how each murder was committed before the story ends?

The young man lowered his voice, but sounded all the more intense for doing so.

Reverend, he said solemnly, if God didnt do it, then it doesnt make any logical sense.

Oh, it makes perfect sense, the reverend replied. It makes perfect, horrible sense.              

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Praise for The Mysteries of Reverend Dean

White successfully creates a modern-day Father Brown in this outstanding collection of six impossible crime tales that fans of classic puzzles will hope is but the first of many. ... Effortlessly crafting intriguing situations, the author matches the premises with satisfying solutions while gently and unintrusively weaving questions of faith into the plot lines.


I very much enjoyed them... May I be among the first (of many, I trust)
to put in an advance order for the book.

author of Locked Room Murders, and co-editor
of Murder Impossible and Death Locked In.


The stories are imaginative and beautifully presented. The book belongs with the

works of Carr, Chesterton, Hoch, Halter and only a handful of other mavens of the

locked room. It is rare to find a current writer who can master the Impossible Crime,

but Hal has done it.

founder/editor of Crippen & Landru Publishers,

author of the Edgar-nominated biography,

John Dickson Carr: The Man Who Explained Miracles

and editor of numerous mystery anthologies.


...the plots are so ingenious that John Dickson Carr fans and other classical devotees won't want to miss these contributions to a demanding and increasingly rare

criminous art form.



...there are few modern writers who have the patience and the cognitive faculties

to engineer such stories. Hal White brings a breath of fresh air. ...

This collection will delight readers who appreciate intricate plotting

and enjoy the puzzling challenge of impossible crime.


Fans of impossible crime stories will be pleased and delighted

with those presented in The Mysteries of Reverend Dean. ...

A second volume of impossible crime stories featuring Reverend Dean would be

most welcome.