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Grave Matters
Customers can search the inventory of this mystery bookshop by keywords, including preselected phrases such as "Locked room mystery." Upon clicking this phrase, over 150 locked-room books appear for sale, indexed by format, author and edition.

Other Sites of Interest:

(Most headings, and all underlined words, are hyperlinks.)

Crippen & Landru
Publisher of many of the books listed in the Suggested Reading page.

A Locked Room Library

These aren't short stories, but rather a list of over 100 of the best locked-room novels ever written, as selected by an international panel of experts. Background commentary is provided by panelist John Pugmire, with cover images compiled by Steve Lewis. I can't even imagine how long it took Steve to collect and scan the covers of all these volumes. This is one of several links to Steve's exceptional and comprehensive Mystery*File website, which has now morphed into an excellent blog.

Locked Rooms and Other Improbable Crimes
Initially conceived as suggestions for a third edition of Bob Adey's Locked Room Murders, Steve Lewis has compiled over 50 locked-room mystery references, the majority of which are short stories. A continuation of this list has been assembled by John Pugmire.

The Kindaichi Case Files
Virtually all volumes of this series can be purchased through Failing that, many volumes are available at Mile High Comics. There is also a Kindaichi discussion group and Wikipedia article.

Although largely devoted to golden age detective fiction, this intelligent group discusses a variety of mystery-related topics, including locked-room puzzles.

GAdetection Wiki
Affiliated with Jon Jermey's GAdetection discussion group, this rapidly growing wiki has articles on a variety of subjects. Topics range from reviews of books listed in the Suggested Reading page, to biographies and bibliographies of several locked-room authors. Although space restrictions prevent citing all of its excellent articles, there are discussions of Ed Hoch's short stories here and here, as well as entries on John Dickson Carr here and here.

This site contains several notable articles, including 'Locked-Room' Mysteries and Other Impossible Crimes and a John Dickson Carr page. Although the latter deals primarily with Carr's novels, it makes interesting reading and has hyperlinks leading to discussions of Carr's individual series characters. Sadly, the creator of this site, Wyatt James (aka Grobius Shortling) passed away in 2006.

Locked Room Mystery
This is an excellent and detailed entry in Wikipedia.

Paul Halter
This site is devoted to the French author who specializes in locked-room mysteries. Unfortunately, only one collection of short stories has been published in English, The Night of the Wolf. Additional information is available at this page. John Pugmire has also created an excellent website devoted largely to translating Halter's work into English,

As might be inferred from its name, this site specializes in John Dickson Carr. Of particular note, however, are its excellent forums; including a "General" forum, which discusses "anything and everything Mystery related."

The Locked Room Mystery mystery
This amusing parody on locked-room mysteries was written by Jasper Fforde.

The Classic Mystery Homepage
This outstanding collection of articles by Mike Grost includes an extensive guide to early impossible crime stories, with an equally complete list of later impossible crime fiction. Not content to compile and intelligently critique such stories, Mike has also written several original locked-room mysteries. Moreover, he has assembled an excellent bibliography of stories by Ed Hoch, as well as a list of comic books featuring locked-room themes. Unfortunately, no comics or graphic novels published after 1965 are listed. I suppose even Mike has his limitations.

No Escape: Jacques Futrelle and the Titanic
This excellent article by Jeffrey Marks is from the equally superb Mystery Scene magazine.

JA Konrath
The personable author of Whiskey Sour, Dirty Martini, and other mixes and mysteries has also written two locked-room short stories, On the Rocks and With a Twist. They're among several stories collected in the Jack Daniels Stories compilation available for download at JA's site. With a Twist is particularly good.

Project Gutenberg
This site provides complete, online copies of G.K. Chesterton's The Innocence of Father Brown and The Wisdom of Father Brown. The former, in particular, has several locked-room mysteries. Audio books and titles from thousands of other authors are also available.

Mysterious Locked Room Mystery of the Body With A Knife In It
I suppose it was inevitable: a venerable sub-genre parodied in a YouTube video.

American Churches
Although the good reverend is ensconced in Dark Pine, if he lived in any of the following areas he'd attend one of these churches: Mecklenburg Community Church (Charlotte, NC); Redeemer Presbyterian (NY, NY); Saddleback Church (southern California); Willow Creek Community Church (Chicago area); or University Presbyterian (Seattle, WA).

Japanese Churches

In Japan, Rev. Dean would attend the church of his friend, Rev. Shinichi Ozu, at Akeno Christ Church in Yawata, Kyoto.  In Osaka, he would visit Ikeda Chuo Church.  In the greater Kinki region, he would consult Kinpoden.  Outside these areas, he would find a church through the Church Information Service.

Jonathan Creek
A comprehensive and well-designed website for fans of the BBC TV show.

The Lost Special
As any fan of Sherlock Holmes knows, the official canon of Holmes stories includes 56 short stories and 4 novels. However, if any entry can claim the status of a 57th story, it is The Lost Special. Not only was it written by Doyle, but it features "an amateur reasoner of some celebrity," who avers that "when the impossible has been eliminated the residuum, however improbable, must contain the truth."  There is even an allusion to Prof. Moriarty, described as "one of the acutest brains in England." In any event, The Lost Special features an impossible crime, rather than a locked-room mystery, but it deserves mention due to its pedigree alone.

The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box
Publisher of Locked Rooms and Open Spaces, The Adventures of Rogan Kincaid and many other books.


This site reproduces the entirety of Bookhunter, described in the Suggested Reading tab. However, I hesitate to recommend this site, because the images are so much smaller than the graphic novel that not only does it degrade the reading experience, but the lettering—bad enough in the original—is even harder to read in this format. Nonetheless, for those who can't afford the book, this is better than not reading it at all.

Jacques Futrelle

Although the Futrelle compilation described in the "Suggested Reading" section collects 20 of Futrelle's "Thinking Machine" stories, he actually wrote 50 short stories featuring that character. This site provides links to all 50 stories in their entirety.

Manga Fox

This site contains hundreds of manga titles, including Detective School Q, discussed in the Suggested Reading page. It also includes the first few Kindaichi Case Files stories printed in the Tokyo Pop volumes, as well as stories from The New Kindaichi Detective Files, which don't appear in the Tokyo Pop paperbacks. Additional information on Detective School Q can be found in this Wikipedia article.

The Play of Light and Shadow

In this well-written mystery by Barry Ergang, the owner of a painting puts it on display in a windowless room, makes sure the room is vacant, and locks its only door as he departs. Minutes later he leads a group into the room for a viewing, but the painting has vanished; in spite of the fact that no one entered or exited the room in the interim. This novelette originally appeared in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, and can now be downloaded at this site for $1.50.

Old Time Radio Catalog

This site not only features the John Dickson Carr Collection described in the Suggested Reading & Viewing page, but hundreds of other collections as well. All of the compilations are available in the MP3 format, with a few also available as standard audio CDs. Most are high quality, and all are inexpensive.

Beneath the Stains of Time

Since the 2011 creation of his blog, TomCat has reviewed a stunning number of mysteries, including a wide variety of locked-room stories. (Click the "Older Posts" link in the middle of each page for prior entries.) He's also compiled a list of his favorite locked room short stories, which graciously includes two Reverend Dean tales. TomCat also brings an impressive amount of knowledge to his reviews. Any blogger who can quote Spiderman's Aunt May, discuss the New Orthodox Movement in Japanese detective fiction, and remind me that Cornell Woolrich's "The Room with Something Wrong" is in an anthology I already own (Death Locked In)—all in the first pages of the impossible-crime section—deserves to be read.

The Locked Room

P.J. Bergman has created an excellent website which includes reviews of locked-room books and movies, news stories related to the genre, and links to impossible-crime stories in the public domain.  He's also included several stories written by himself which will be collected and published in the future. One of his stories, "Diagnosis Cancer," is particularly clever.

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